Sunday, January 07, 2018

Fake News

ESPN keeping the importance of LaVar Ball artificially inflated is an excellent example of how media can do that politically as well, making something a story that has no intrinsic importance, because it meets their needs.


Christopher B said...

Media bias was much more effective when it was directed at emphasizing or minimizing story lines rather than attempting to spin-doctor every event. Consistently telling half the truth is always more effective than getting caught in a lie. The parade of lies slowly erodes the trust people have in any reporting, they stop paying attention, and then you have no influence at all. It's fortunate that SJW reporters just can't keep their thumbs off the scales any more.

Sam L. said...

I haven't watched ESPN since Formula One racing was picked up by SPEED channel...but they got the F1 contract for this year, so I will, but only F1.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I don't have TV, but I have to get my scores somewhere, and ESPN has the contracts for all the best video clips.

A young friend of AVI, Mike Zylak, is some sort of senior video and broadcast manager at NASCAR media out of Charlotte, so you may see him in the credits if you ever watch that.