Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Following up on MaxedOutMama's comment...

The sentiment is often expressed how infinitely valuable each and every one of us are, the thought being that we will feel encouraged, and less suicidal perhaps, and have greater self-esteem.

Taken from the eternal perspective, that's very good theology, consonant with the importance of the Incarnation.  But whenever I hear the sentiment actually expressed, it seems entirely in relation to lives here - this planet, this life.  That seems to be more a theology of Precious Moments or at best, Arch Books - not the Bible.  Jesus, and after him Paul, John, and Peter, seem to be remarkably in favor of the idea that this life isn't worth much at all and martyrdom is a good thing.

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Texan99 said...

Perhaps we're infinitely valuable, but that doesn't make our comfort or even our survival a big deal.

We don't have a folk tradition of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates inquiring earnestly, "Were you comfy? Did you live a really long time?"