Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ce e Dragostea

Chris called from Norway this morning to ask what cayenne was, now that he is taking up cooking for himself.  Apparently he is making some kind of pork loin - he said "pork lion," of course (that's how folk etymologies are usually created) - in bean soup.  Glad to hear it.  He works a lot of hours and was looking pretty skinny when we saw him at Thanksgiving.  Ten pounds below his USMC weight.  He's back up now, and the high-fat, high-salt, high-starch, high-alcohol diet in Romania last week surely helped.

He enthused over a Romanian song by the famous Stefan Banica, which he now says is his favorite of all time.  He assured me that there was very little of the seminudity and overt sexuality common to Romanian popular music.  Well, he was right, at least by Romanian standards, this is pretty tame.  You might still want to keep the kindergarteners away from it, though. I'm regretting just a bit my promise to post it .

Still, it's a pretty enough song.  The title means "What is love?" and the repeated line
Când ai plecat din viaţa mea means something like "When you went away from my life."

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