Friday, January 11, 2013

Proferred Solution

I draw your attention to Bethany's suggestion about employers not covering contraception - or anything they might object to - over at Bad Data, Bad!  The mere use of the phrase conscientious objector might help Boomer liberals listen to an idea they would otherwise reject out of hand.  More powerfully, such a phrase is an incantation that objectors could use defensively with some force.


dmoelling said...

Why not, but we could also look at how the Amish and other groups have gotten deals on child labor laws and OSHA limitations with Farming. Perhaps this is not as hot button as Abortion, or maybe objectors just need to grow beards and wear funny hats!

Sam L. said...

I highly doubt the Obama administration would accept that anyone could conscientiously object to their mandate. Or, actually, could accept it. Clearly a right-wing plot!