Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Up And Down The Sidebar

James has a literary discussion about whether prequels and backstories work, which I recommend for all the fantasy or sci-fi fans.

Over at Grim's Hall we expect mostly Grim with occasional Texan99 contributions.  But someone must be slipping her espresso, because she's outposting him about 2/1 at present. Favorite line up at the moment is her admiration for Ted Cruz - "Rick Perry with twice the brains." Lawyers, guns, and money over at her site today.  Lots of each.

Ben is talking about entertainment stuff that I don't like but you might, and hbd*chick links to an article that annoys me so much I'm not even going to link to her.  Do the work yourself.

Bethany tracks down whether women actually are poisoners, or just play them on TV.

David Foster reposts in some detail an examination of the supposed egalitarianism of liberal elites, and how the perpetuation of an underclass, with only the certain few allowed to rise (the Hourglass Society), is a feature, not a bug, for them.  Not merely ironic, but a bit chilling, actually.

Speaking of chilling, there's enough to keep you busy at Maggie's everyday, but BD links to a Frontpage article about a 500% increase in rapes in Sweden since 1991 - most of that quite recent, since 2004.  I thought it was just Malmo, but apparently it's Stockholm, too.

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bs king said...

Alright, you baited me and I clicked on the hbd chick link.

You know, sometimes when you talk about liberals using social shaming etc, I think "what's he on about, I really don't see much of that".

Then I read articles like that, and remember that maybe I just know nice people.