Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Persuade?

Some discouragement after seeing Barney Frank on a CNN show at the airport this morning, plus some commentary on Jonathan Haidt when I got home. Well, those were just some of the tent pegs of a vast pavilion - no, I lied, it's a small lean-to - of thought. When people are challenged or criticised (ideas or behavior), they default immediately to the thought of what they didn't do wrong, and are irritated that you had the nerve to mention anything else.

That's not other people, that's is I.  It's just that it only irritates me when it's other people.  I'm defensive and default to my better qualities because that's my right.  The rest of you still need work.

I will write about this some.

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Sam L. said...

You do that..after considering the state of your soul, and the sole of your state. If you deem it important enough to bedevil a few kilopixels.