Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Moderate Republicans

The next time you get a sneering email or comment from someone about how Republicans were just too far-right, close-minded, anti-abortion and religious and that's why they lost, remember these three words: Bass, Brown, and Tisei.  


bs king said...

Not gonna lie, I was really bummed out about the Brown loss for just that reason. I've heard so many people complain that "Republicans refuse to work with the Dems" and then most of those same people voted for Warren.

I should have expected it, but it upset me anyway.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

An excellent point.

Where I work, entirely among liberals, the quiet comments are that maybe now, because Obama doesn't have to worry about re-election, he can "get something done," and not have to "put up with the whining minority." Those are exact words, BTW (two sepearate individuals.)

I recall 2000, when in the wake of the divided electorate, the call was for Bush to recognise that and honor that this was a divided country. Which he did, though more experienced conservatives told him that was foolish.

I suppose being a decent guy is never the wrong thing. But I wonder.

Ben Wyman said...

I feel like there's sort of a broader numbers game at work there. For people hold tightly to their party, it's much more of a "how many seats can we win?" game rather than "which candidate do I think is more experienced/capable/likeminded?"

Under that mindset, you need to worry - and only worry - about motivating and turning out your party's base rather than trying to appear the best candidate for the job at hand.

Sam L. said...

I guess they lost because they weren't leftist enough. Lieawatha/Fauxcahontas.

bs king said...

I know I was one of those who thought Bush should recognize the divided country (more so in 2004 than 2000), and this time I'll repeat the same: the President is in a unique position to help unite the country, and he should do so, regardless of party.

I agree with Ben too. It seems both sides just want to rack up numbers so they can foist their agenda on the "other half". I am really not a fan of that.