Monday, November 05, 2012

Extra Ramble

The "Printed Word" post was inspired in part by looking at people's FB pages with political content.  I know, it's Facebook, it's not supposed to be lengthy or nuanced.  But these are intelligent people, who have entry after entry of snarky criticism of candidates they don't like and self-righteous posturing about how they really, really care about this issue, all expressed in the most oversimplified, highschoolish words, but very clever visuals. Therefore, the posters at least must think the statements effective.  Therefore, this patent idiocy must be being carried by the clever visuals and condescending tone.  Therefore, those elements are more dangerous in hacking into people's political views and more dangerous to the republic.

Except I'm not sure that's actually true.

Still, it's distressing to watch intelligent people descend to sloganeering and sneers, seemingly unable to think clearly anymore.  Is this who we all, in fact, are - with only a thin rind of intellect covering?


bs king said...

I had to laugh at this post, because a particular FB acquaintance of mine (a relative of the husband) has been putting up absolutely insulting posts belittling his political opponents for months now. He's got some serious personal issues going on we've been trying to monitor (because we're trying to help his kids during this time), but Tim and I have been absolutely floored at what he posts.

Anyway, yesterday he put up a thing about how he "wasn't a Repub or a Dem, he made his political decisions after an intellectual analysis of the issues." If you went to his page, this was right above a thing about Elizabeth Warren being flushed down the toilet. It was a strange moment of 21st century non self awareness.

He's done hundreds of posts like this (he's at about 10 a day at least) and not once have I seen a point other than "those I vote against are stupid, and those who vote for them are too"....but apparently there's an intellectual analysis in there somewhere. Sigh.

bs king said...

Just checked his page after I wrote this. Now he's got posts up about how happy he is the election's finally here so he can get away from all this crazy political stuff the news is forcing on us.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yeah, it's really hard to "Unrelative" someone.

You might try to expand on his comment, ironic as it is, reminding him in a joshing way how much happier he is when he ignores it and just goes fishing. You don't have to say that everyone else is happier when he does that, too.

You could also remind him that living in Massachusetts may not be a good mental health/BP choice. "Why are you still surprised to find liberals in Massachusetts?"

Sam L. said...

A good reason for avoiding Facebook, and many Facebookers.

bs king said...

We've been making a concerted effort not to engage at all, because I'm pretty convinced the fervor is coming from a place of "my life is really screwed up so if I get really belligerent about my political views then I can still feel superior to those who can't see what I see".

I wonder if many people posting this stuff have at least a slice of that. Sneering at your opponents seems to give a self esteem boost to some that I suspect they might not be getting elsewhere.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

My brother at times will make the comment "this issue is very, very, important to me." I am so tempted to reply "no, it is very, very, very important to you." He would get it.

But it would be kicking him when he's down. I just can't see it. The pleasure would be two seconds - the regret would be twenty years.

Erin said...

I have a neighbor who I'm still "friends" with on FB but have blocked her from my news feed because she keeps it up all year round. She's working on her doctoral in political theory at BU, so it's pretty much all she talks about. I accept I live in a very liberal state and most people don't agree with my political views, but this girl's self-righteousness over it all is just over the top.