Sunday, November 11, 2012


Tomorrow afternoon sometime, Assistant Village Idiot will hit a quarter-million pageviews all time. It sounds like a lot, though I'm not sure it is - rather like figuring out that you've driven a half-million miles lifetime. The number seems padded, somehow. Still, it's nice to see a round number go by.

I keep thinking I must be approaching a stopping point, and then I don't.  The 4000-post total might come up early 2013, if I still have things that attract me to write about.  I had a few topics I wanted to comment on in depth when I started.  Those days are long gone.

Thank you very much.


Sam L. said...

Short, long, medium--we'll take whatever you give. I always skip over the Red Sox, anyway.

Charley Hua Chu said...

Yes, what Sam said, whatever you offer, we happily accept. If food for thought was fattening, I would be obese from reading you. Thank you for making me think.