Thursday, November 01, 2012

Football Trade

There is controversy whether the Patriots got value in a trade for a player plus a 7th-round pick for a 4th-round pick.

The Patriots like late-round draft picks so much that we live in constant fear that they will trade a 4th for a 7th straight up some day.  At least we got a player.


Ben Wyman said...

Now that we have a new collective bargaining agreement, which means that higher picks aren't so financially problematic, it appears that Belichick has finally given up on the constant trading down, for the moment. He traded up twice last draft - and then spent the rest of the time drafting baffling choices each time the Patriots were called. Weird day.

Since the Patriots have done such a lousy job drafting and/or training defensive backs, I'd much rather take a half-season chance on a top-flight cornerback with a rap sheet than continue to hope that Tavon Wilson and Kyle Arrington are secretly better than I think they are.

Talib is really talented, and in the prime of his career. As long as he doesn't completely implode late-Randy Moss-style, this is a good gamble.

Gringo said...

IIRC, Not too long ago Andy Reid and Bill traded 6th round draft picks. Just as a joke.

Not as many Pats games on local TV as I would like. Not to worry: Pats by Internet.