Friday, April 13, 2012

The Little Black Egg

I believe this was the first song I learned on my $29 Stella Harmony in 1966.

It was near the end of the era when songs could still be regional or intermittent in their geographic popularity. The band was from Daytona, and the song was #1 on the NH stations (Because one DJ liked it, perhaps?), but when I went to college in Virginia a few years later, not many people had heard of it.


Sponge-headed ScienceMan said...

Sounds like Three-finger Magee on lead guitar!

Sam L. said...

Never heard this before, in Texas or New Mexico. Could have missed it, though.

The song isn't working for me.

Gringo said...

There was a garage band in my area of NE which played local clubs and high schools, and was the opening act for a number of big-name bands when they played in the area. Some of their songs made it to local radio. Today you can find mention of it in

Four decades later I had a short acquaintance in TX with a someone who, it turns out, was a cousin of one of the band members.