Thursday, April 26, 2012


Just to keep you current on these things. Lacrosse was a Mid-Atlantic and/or prep sport when I was growing up. Only the wealthier suburban schools elsewhere even had a high school team, never mind feeder leagues at younger ages. In Massachusetts is was often Longmeadow versus Lincoln-Sudbury in the finals, for example.

That is still greatly the case - the top college teams are remarkably similar to a generation, two generations ago. The top HS teams are still MD, PA, NY, predominantly. But there is expansion. No NH school had a team when I was growing up, now many do. These still lean in the private academy, wealthy suburb direction, but not exclusively so. Hockey players - an interesting prep/blue-collar mix in NH - are making lacrosse their spring sport. LAX is gradually becoming more blue-collar here. You'd think the cost of the gear would limit that, but hockey is even more expensive and lower-middle-class families shell out big bucks for that.

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