Friday, April 06, 2012

Leo Kottke

He's supposed to be the king of the 12-string guitarists, and as a 12-string guitarist, I felt rather obligated to like him. I didn't much, as he's a slide guitarist, an acquired taste, or subspecies of the breed. I did like this though, which is probably his signature song.


Looking for it, I came across an actual Pamela Brown. No, I'm not embedding that one, as she's a 1990's stripper. I offer the link here, as it might be more gratifying to female readers than to male, for meow reasons; she is a textbook example of "mutton dressed up (or undressed up) as lamb."

And now, of course, one wonders if the poor girl is still even alive. The Pamela Brown in the song, who gets an implied criticism from Leo, likely is alive and doing well. Spirochetes have their say, in the end, as do the opiates.

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wisegoy said...

dude, leo has a ton of songs without a slide.

great songs!

I was gonna list a few, but what is the point.