Saturday, March 31, 2012


I tried something different with Photon Courier, as the post updates wouldn't feed.  We'll see if David's crossposts at Chicago Boyz fare better.  It is a group blog, but I think I've set it correctly so that only his posts hit the sidebar.  I haven't figured out how to do that with Texan99's posts at Grim's Hall.  Nothing against your co-bloggers, it's just a matter of pedantry.

I dropped Dubbahdee's Neco Dracones, until such time as he starts up again.  Just let me know.

Next, I have to check my current commenters for who is also a blogger.


Dubbahdee said...

Plans are in the works. My professional/financial scenario is changing which should open up some time to do non-compensated writing again. The name will probably change. Stay tuned.

Kitten said...

I was going to say "me", but I think I qualify as a person with bolgs as opposed to a blogger.

Kitten said...

I don't qualify as a speller either apparently.