Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beer and Diapers

Sponge-headed Scienceman sent this link about beers, because we had been talking about this at Bible study.  (Don't you wish you went to our Bible Study?  Yes, you do.  We have the most fabulously interesting Bible study in the world. We have been to heaven.  We have decided to stop seeing each other and then restarted.  Our children have a 2.0 version. We have almost never gone to the same churches. We have never unanimously agreed on anything, not even our own names and today's date.  You wish you were us.) The link at the bottom, about data-mining your shopping, was confirmation of exactly the stuff that worries me.  Target knows when you are pregnant, before you have told anyone.  But they pretend they don't because it freaks you out.  Yet they pretend so well you use their coupons anyway.

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Texan99 said...

People complain about AI shopping programs like the one Amazon uses -- sometimes because they're clumsy, and sometimes because if they're good they're creepy. I like them. I think I must suffer from a desire to be more known. Even my most intimate acquaintances seem to have almost no idea what I'd like to read, watch, or listen to.