Sunday, February 26, 2012

Award: Terri

I was looking at the category of my posts that had received the most comments, toying with the idea of a top-ten all-time most-responded-to posts.  I am halfway through the 3400 or so.  I doubt I will follow through with that, as many of those involve copithorne, or some similar pointless argument where there is not a real discussion, only a failure to understand by one or more parties.  Maybe I will bend the category and choose best discussions according to some vague criteria which includes number of responses but is not limited to that.

Along the way, I read a number of older posts and discussions.

Terri is my all-time best commenter.  Gringo and karrde are in the mix, but well behind in quantity.  Not that quantity is terri's only virtue, but that one jumps out at me upon review. I quote my son Jonathan from 2009 "Well, AVI, that's what we have terri for- to make your points, only more winsomely and succinctly :)"

So, thanks.  I'm looking around the room to see if there is something that can be made into an award of some sort.  Foot creme, reflective vest, used books... not a promising array.


karrde said...

Congratulations to Terri.

(And I feel much better about my commenting than about my blogging...)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

How did I not pick up you have site? I will make time to get you into the sidebar.

karrde said...

Likely that I recently changed the defunct Blogger blog so that it linked to a newer blog...and put an RSS link into the Blogger site.

Long story.