Friday, April 28, 2006

We Came From The Pleiades

An amateur - very amateur - archaeologist from Bosnia, who believes he has found a pyramid there, thinks the Mayan hieroglyphics reveal this.

(HT: point2point.)


Steve Burri said...

I especially enjoyed the adaptability and universality of the following statements:

"These reports are irresponsible on the part of journalists," he says. "These claims are completely unsupported with any kind of factual evidence, such as... or photographs of the alleged.... They have not been confirmed by... who have the training and competence to evaluate them. The person making the claims appears to have no training in... and has not presented his finds in a way that would allow them to be scrutinized by trained experts. This is simply sensationalism and grandstanding and the journalists who have reported on these claims, without first fact-checking the stories with professional..., should be ashamed of themselves. People who believe these stories, especially when they are presented without evidence, are fools."

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