Thursday, April 13, 2006

Softball with Chris Matthews

Matthews interviewed Barbara Boxer last night. You gotta love it.

MATTHEWS: What is your rudimentary basic thought right now about the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon five to 10 months from now. What should be the U.S. policy right now?

BOXER: first thought is you take a deep breath. (Wow, wish I'd thought of that). I`m on a bill (and just in time) that would begin sanctions on Iran (Begin? Already? ) if they keep going down this path (Whoa -- are we ready to begin a bill to begin something down the road? Let's not get ahead of ourselves here). There is a whole host of sanctions (Yeah, baby; take another deep breath -- whoo!) you can do with people visiting there, buying their oil (Watch out Iran, the big guns is coming OUT!). But you need the world (Darn, I knew there was a catch to it. But at least Barb's on a committee about it).

Boxer thinks the nukes are 5-10 years away. Well I'd like definite proof of that before we make any decisions. We wouldn't want to make decisions about this based on inadequate intelligence, would we?

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