Sunday, April 23, 2006

Iowahawk Is At It Again

It sure sucks to be the Zarkman, doesn't it?

Too bad he doesn't allow comments.

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Dymphna said...

The Baron loves Iowahawk -- though he says he doesn't always know to be brief enough.

I don't go there and I realize now it's because he doesn't allow comments. Same reason I don't go to many of the biggies.

One of the things I like about Charles Johnson --in addition to his being a great news aggregator -- is his generosity toward commenters. And he keeps it within sane limits by simply stopping at a particular # of commenters.

I've wondered how he knows when someone goes off. Maybe they flame themselves off and he deletes them and the comment registration opens for a nanno second.

Anyway, it works.

I really came over to read your great set of statistics...linked from Shrinkwrapped. Who, I wondered, was AVI??

Imagine my surprise!!