Thursday, March 21, 2019

Southern Poverty Law Center

One of those things that has been known on the right for decades. Except they are the real journalists, you know, so no one listened.  I have five people I am tempted to send this to, in spite and triumph, because of their quoting them in the past as a definitive source.

My character is resentful and vindictive, but I can at least attempt to act above it. I hope it doesn't leak out at a bad moment in the future.  It's happened before. For now, those of us here just nod, and wonder what is best to do next.

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Sam L. said...

It's been a scam for years. I got on their mailing list some years back, and I'm pretty sure of just how I got on it, but NO NAMES will be mentioned. I got off it by returning their request in their postage-paid envelope and writing that I considered them a scam.