Thursday, March 07, 2019


I don't think Hibachi restaurants pay enough attention - one, at least, doesn't pay enough attention - to food allergies.  It's the "not knowing what's actually in that dish" part that I'm referring to here, and not appearing much concerned about it even as an emergency is unfolding. My blame is lessened by the knowledge that I also didn't pick up very quickly that an emergency was unfolding. I have seen many emergencies in my life, and sometimes I have recognised them right away, while other times I have been oblivious.

We were well into this one before it dawned on me that this was very bad, and I might be a widower in just a few minutes, having failed at the last. My wife was trying to figure out exactly what was wrong before saying anything - which is a terrible strategy I can much relate to.

It's all fine now.  It was all fine relatively quickly after her guessing that benadryl might help, and me belatedly insisting that a second one couldn't hurt.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement.


Donna B. said...

Whoa! I'm glad it's all fine now.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

How terrifying! I’m glad it tuned out ok. I inhaled a sliver of ice when someone said something funny while I was taking a sip. It was a tiny sliver, and caused a laryngospasm. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before, and I it was so scary. It took 2-3 minutes to ease up, while I was standing holding the table while waving off the waiter who wanted to Heimlich me. Your wife has my sympathy.

Jonathan said...

The stuff of nightmares. Glad it turned out OK.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

We have concluded there was walnut oil in one of the sauces they cooked in.

Texan99 said...

Those nut allergies are scary and fast. Benadryl and EpiPens are lifesavers. I'm so glad she's OK, and that you were there to help, even if you're beating yourself up now, which you already know you shouldn't do, so cut it out. You've already learned from this how to leap into action faster if it ever happens again.

Aggie said...

Just talking out the top of my head, but have you thought about a way to establish some kind of clear, unambiguous signal that your wife can make to you in these instances? Something she can do with just her hands or eyes, etc.? It might be good to establish this and drill it until it's second nature. Probably the food allergy specialists have already developed some schemes along these lines. Very glad to hear your wife and you have escaped catastrophe.