Monday, March 25, 2019

Harlem Globetrotters

They would be on once a year on Wide World of Sports, I recall.


Christopher B said...

I remember those. I think they made it into prime time a few times in 1970s, though wiki says I'm probably remembering appearances on shows such as The White Shadow.

Donna B. said...

The song -- Sweet Georgia Brown -- is one that I remember trying so hard to learn. My piano teacher was appalled and refused to help. She was such a snob! I also remember Meadowlark Lemon because my brother thought he was so great. I think I'll introduce my granddaughter to the Globetrotters. I hadn't thought of them in a while. Right now, her hero is Stephen Curry.

RichardJohnson said...

I had a high school history teacher who, when living and teaching in another town, had been a neighbor of Meadowlark Lemon. He was the worst teacher I ever had, because he was too lazy to get up to speed on the AP course he taught. His students worked, but he didn't.

In the 1960s I saw the Harlem Magicians, led by former Globetrotter Marquis Haynes, perform at a high school gym. My mother taught at that school, and was kind enough to drive us 20 miles on a Sunday afternoon to see them perform. In looking back, I imagine there were things she would rather be doing on a Sunday afternoon- like rest or prepare lesson plans- but she knew that I would like to see them.