Saturday, March 30, 2019


I am back, and have much written down I plan to expand upon.  I experimented with leaving myself phrases on my device as I went along to remind myself of topic later.

For the most important topics:  I did not have New York Style Pizza.  I looked at it in several places and decided it is just thin-crust pizza with light amounts of sauce and mozzarella. I think ordering it by the slice and the art of eating it with the little fold are culturally important to New Yorkers as a shibboleth. Not important enough to refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton after failing the test, but in theory, very important.

I went to Brooklyn Bagel on Eighth Ave, rated #1 on Trip Advisor, and my sesame bagel with cream cheese was slightly better than the previous best bagel I had had. It was large and I only ate half, but it was still very good a day later. So New York scores with that one, though not overwhelmingly.  I imagine it is the consistency that New Yorkers miss when they travel.  They might get an acceptable bagel in other places, but there is always the risk of a substandard bagel - a risk not run at home. And who wants to be nervous when ordering breakfast, eh?

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