Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Axe of the Opossums

Family devotions in our household were a strange affair. We tried to mix it up with nonstandard evangelical devotions, such as driving up the mountain to pray over the city, skits, or wild dances. I recollected today a particular low point - low for me, that is. It was a high point for the children. We did Bible charades, and Dad had to act this one out. "Axe" was fairly straightforward, but "opossums" took some time, and the boys were in rolling hysterics over Dad miming three syllables...Tails, hanging by...small animal...furry animal. I was wild-eyed and furious by the end, certain that my stupid children were simply not THINKING. The AXE of the OPOSSUMS (dammit!). They were too busy laughing.

I concluded a few days later that they must have actually guessed it but found sending their father into a frenzy worth playing dumb for.

I am absolutely certain of that now.


kkollwitz said...

Ha! I have a standard joke in my Sunday School class. I draw an ax on the board, tell the kids it's a recent archaeological discovery:

The Ax of the Apostles.

JC said...

Yeah, we Dads can be a bit slow sometimes.

GraniteDad said...

nope, I had no idea. Not sure how it never clicked. I think having the wrong noun made the difference.

Erin said...

Next time you see Dani C., ask her to do her charades rendition of a squall. It's priceless.