Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sarah Matadora

Sarah Palin seems to have this remarkable ability to get people to say stupid things when they attack her. So sure that this time we've got the goods, they say the most amazing things. (Just for fun, try to remember one of her prominent critics expressing themselves calmly. You can find some calm criticism on the internet, usually from moderates. From the journos and talking heads - insanity)

Now it is ramping up to doing insane things. A furious critic, intent on writing an unauthorised biography, has moved in next door to her to watch her. That is more than a little creepy. I don't know there's anything illegal about it, but it smacks of an enormous intrusiveness and depersonalization.

It's just nuts. Is there anyone who didn't have some possibly pathological explanation occur to them upon hearing this news?

Sarah Matadora. Ole.

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