Monday, May 03, 2010


19 Assists. I was worried after watching the Celtics uanable to make adjustments in the 2nd half in the first game, eventually reduced to taking low-percentage 3's (started off on that by Rasheed Wallace, of course). But this was comforting.

And heck, I'm even a hockey fan for the time being. It beats following the Red Sox, who are still under .500. OTOH, the Patriots have drafted a punter from Romania, Zoltan Mesko. Your team always needs a guy named Zoltan, whatever sport you're in.


GM Roper said...

AVI, AVI, AVI... NOTHING beats following the Red Sox; although a quart of bourbon will help. :)

Ben Wyman said...

It's only been a month into the season, and I'm sure the Sox will rally at some point and pull it together. But until that time, we've got two teams in the playoffs doing well, and a good Boston fan is paying attention to where the action is. Wake me up when we're higher than fourth in the AL East.