Saturday, May 08, 2010

On Being the Assistant Village Idiot

Every writer has an audience in mind, however vaguely. Mine has changed a bit over four and one-half years.

I believe, though I may misremember, that my intended audience when I started this blog were (in order) my two older sons; our Bible study, church friends, and their children; my wife (who was lower on the list because she generally heard my opinions anyway); lastly, some other bloggers. Hmm... some vague idea of posterity, or the national conversation, or seekers after truth comes into conception of "audience" as well. I'm not sure who they are, really.

My sons were not at home but still youngish, and I was concerned about legacy - yet you can't just call every night and say "you know what I've been thinking, and what article you should read?" Friends get pretty tired of that, also.

It occurred to me writing the last post, which referenced them and caused me to think about the trajectory of their lives, that I no longer have them in the back of my mind as the primary audience anymore. They are in the mix, but they are quite fully formed at this point, and I no longer have even a vestigial drive to form and shape them. Influence, yes, but I pretty much do that with everyone. Very few of my Bible study and church friends ever read AVI much - less than 10%, I'd say. Maybe less than 5%.

My own commenters and the small circle of other sites that are my online network are who I think of now. That includes the son, wife, and church categories, but I am as likely to think of terri or carl or gringo while composing now. And I am still often choosing my words carefully in case some of my more challenging commenters drop by again.

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