Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jokes I'm Tired Of

Feel free to add your own. This may become a regular feature.

People who say "See you next year" every December 31st. At least none of us will ever have to endure "See you next century - no, see you next millennium" ever again.

I am tired of people pronouncing Target as "tarjhay." It was cute when I first heard it fifteen years ago.


Teri said...

Calling a Ford Explorer an Exploder.

Anonymous said...

40 years ago J.C.Penny's was J.C.PenNay's. Like you said... tiresome after hundreds of repititions.

Similarly, when I give my last name I frequently get "Oh, you mean like Mr. Roper in Three's Company?" I usually say something like "That was funny the first 2,000,000 times I heard it."

Mark Mende said...

My name is Mark Mende... The Mork and Mindy, always said like some genius who thought of this for the first time, grew tiresome a long time ago.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yeah, our Romanian sons were sick of "Why, man?" within a year of arrival in the States.

bs king said...

To throw in the vegetarian perspective: "If God didn't want us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?"

I don't know why, but people who say that always seem to think that they're really REALLY clever.

Woody said...

So, I take it that you don't refer to McDonald's as M.C. Don-els.

There was a small town named Irondale near a city where I grew up. It was pretty blue collar and slow moving and it had some shut-down iron ore and coal mines in the area. To give it class with sacasam, we referred to it as I-ron-da-la (2nd a long). It is famous for the Irondale Cafe of Fannie Flagg fame.

Over-used cliches, especially from sports commentators, drive me nuts.

See you later, allligator

Assistant Village Idiot said...

(At least) one of my sons is sick of (at least one of) my favorites. It's difficult to be my son, because I originate one-liners, so I know who has heard them and who hasn't, and entertain the troops.

The sons, who are overhearing this for the 344th time, are less enchanted.

Ben Wyman said...

One's going over the wall, warden!

At least you've stopped doing "Father Slays Three in Bizarre Ludfisk Incident."

And you know it's only a year or two before I end up starting doing them myself, probably.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Actually, I teach that second one to young parents all the time. I used it just yesterday. Ouch.