Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Making Life Like Film

The biggest wanker in my department made yet another narcissistic, irrelevant, incomprehensible statement at our last department meeting. My neighbor suggested: "Some people should come with subtitles."

Or laugh tracks. Whenever I watch a clip of Hillary Clinton, I don't get angry so much as just puzzled that there is no laughter at her statements. That 1984 Two-Minute-Hate takeoff one of Obama's supporters just did - the one based on the Apple commercial about IBM - may express some Great Truth, but when I hear her, I just can't work up fear. I just hear these vacuities and expect a laugh track. Think how great it would be to just be able to insert laugh tracks behind people who are full of themselves and make vacuous comments. I'm thinking the UN would be a place to start.

Narration or soundtracks behind people's lives - sure, but it's been done so many times. If Monty Python was already doing sendups of something 3o years ago, it can't have become less hackneyed in the meantime.

Rolling credits. That would be definitely cool, letting people know who was responsible for your strengths and weaknesses.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I enjoy having a good soundtrack. While in High School I started collecting soundtrack albums (Patton, StarWars, etc.) Music by John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, later Danny Elfman and Kitaro. Just fine dramatic music, no pop. And now with iPods and mp3s, I can have my own soundtrack throughout the day. It’s amazing how the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark can brighten up the most tedious task. -cp