Monday, March 12, 2007

NCAA Bracket

I'm no expert, just havin' fun. I have a boring bracket up until the Sweet Sixteen: the 1-4 seeds in every region, except #5 Tennessee. Then the whole bracket goes loopy, with Ohio State my only #1 seed going to the Final Four. And the strange thing is, I think Ohio State may be the weakest of the #1 seeds. Their bracket, however, does them big favors. Only the A&M/Memphis winner should be tough for them.

I have two #12's beating #5's this year: Old Dominion and Illinois - the latter sort of a non-rational guess. My other early upsets are VCU over Duke, Winthrop over Notre Dame,George Washington over Vanderbilt.

Final Four: Oregon (winces), UCLA, Georgetown, Ohio State. Texas is my emotional favorite.


GraniteDad said...

Gee, why would you tend to favor a #12 over a #5?

cakreiz said...

I'm afraid that Kansas will bow to UCLA, as you predict.

Ben Wyman said...

I'm sending you my bracket right now.

I don't know who else pays attention to the random letters that you have to type in order to send a post, but I'm always hoping to get an actual word, whenever I do, preferably something unusual. For this post, the word is "bughaw."