Tuesday, March 20, 2007


ESPN really tries to showcase women's basketball, especially the tournament. Has anyone clicked on those links even once?


Ben Wyman said...

ESPN tries their hardest, but they know there's no hope. There were women's tournament games being played last night, but instead of showing them, they just sent in updates in between showing the West VA - NC State game that was the final piece of the NIT Men's Quarterfinals. And Lord knows how much we all care about the NIT.

Anonymous said...

I do not waste my money on cable,so I will not be seeing the women's tournament on ESPN. My ties to UConn as both a UConn graduate and as a native of the Storrs area prompted me to buy a ticket last year to see the UConn women play Texas in Austin. So yes, there are those few who would be interested in watching women's basketball.

Woody said...

I don't watch women's sports events (except tennis with those cute Russians), even though I'm aware of them being on. The Atlanta J-C several years ago made a lot of men upset, because they took the equivalent of a page of sports, that only men read, and converted that to women's sports, that no one reads--all for the sake of political correctness.

Title IX is also ridiculous.