Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

 I posted this once before.  It is one of the few pieces I will sing with the choir because I do enjoy hearing it and singing it and know it well enough that I can pop in with minimal rehearsal.  The choir will be singing it tomorrow for Remembrance Sunday - I'm not quite sure what that it, but I'll bet it has to do with those who lost friends and relatives over the last year - and I will be joining them.

I clumsily banged my head* on an overhanging beam a couple of hours ago after getting back from volunteering at New England Seafarer's Mission and hurrying around carelessly, so I will attract too much attention for my minor contribution, and for the wrong reasons. A ball cap would only attract more attention, I think. 

*This is not unusual.  I am quite clumsy.

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Douglas2 said...

A favorite of my high-school choir director, who used it to end every choral concert. He passed away in December.

Having moved from a school district known for a notable court case about religious activity as part of public-school curriculum; it surprised me -- even as a teen -- that he got away with so much choral music that had 'Lord' and 'God' words in the lyrics. But I had no complaints about it.