Thursday, June 30, 2022

Oh, Miss Mary

I still sing this in my mind at times.  There isn't much to it, actually, but the simplicity of it may be what attracts. Such things are part of why singing harmony just seems to be an automatic part of a song to me. Take any simple melody and lyrics - one must sing harmony.

There must be a Mary back there who gave the music some strong emotional association for me, but I have long since forgotten who.  I knew quite a few Mary's, as it was one of the common female names of my generation that are now less popular, like Debbie, Linda, Joanne, Susan, Barbara, Patricia, Kathy, Christine - and in my area that was heavily French-Canadian, Denise, Michelle, Renee, and Louise as well. But I can't think of any Mary's I was waiting to have come home.  Maybe I just like the alliteration of it.