Saturday, June 11, 2022


When I got a paid subscription to Razib Khan's Substack, I was immediately offered others.  I accepted the free trial of them, which generated some more offered free trials of other writers, which I declined. I get the business advantage of having the popular point us in the direction of the lesser-known, and i don't object to people trying to make a living that way, so long as it is minimally intrusive.

I have since unsubscribed to Leighton Woodhouse and "Social Studies," though I still have some podcasts on my device and may listen to those. Yet I think I may pull the plug quickly. I will also be deleting Colin Wright's "Reality's Last Stand," right after this post because it deals mostly with gender outrage issues. But you can check it out if you like

I haven't read enough of Rob Henderson to make a decision.  There was a fourth one I can't find.  Ah, now I remember, Michael DC Bowen of "Stoic Observations."  I liked him okay but it's an advice column, and I unsubscribed.

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