Sunday, June 12, 2022

Luxury Beliefs

Rob Henderson's Newsletter discusses luxury beliefs, such as the prominence of "Defund the Police" among the well-off, who live in safer places and can afford private security. He is rather stern about the topic.

We have discussed the general topic frequently over the years, including a heavily-linked discussion a year ago about class, or caste in America. 

I had not understood until today that Henderson grew up in foster homes, ran away and joined the military as soon as he could, then went to Yale on the GI Bill - and now UCambridge and UAustin. I appreciate such perspectives.


Anonymous said...

I think the police should be among the best our society has to offer. I think they should be trained to a doctoral level in psychology and payed very well indeed.

That would take care of a lot of the problems we have, but would shake up society and will not be cheap.

As a loyal subject of the crown, my family has been killing people for that crown for over 600 years, I am completely at the disposal of any representative of that crown. I tell this to the cops and they don't quite know what to say. ;)

Grim said...

This is good news, then, because these particular beliefs are no longer being inculcated merely at elite schools and colleges: they're now becoming commonplace in public schools across the country. The elite will soon lead the way towards a new patriotism, I suppose, in order to distinguish themselves from the vulgar commoners.