Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Train of Life

It was a fascinating movie about Jews and Roma in Romania escaping from the Nazis together. This was the best scene.  I suspect the opportunity to portray these few moments was the inspiration of the whole movie.

With thanks to Thomas Doubting over at Grim's for reminding me of this. From my comment on his post there: "In 1998 I brought my 12-string to a gypsy village in Romania (Budureasa) to teach the children a few songs in anticipation of a Vacation Bible School that was going to start the next week.  They learned the tune to everything I played before the end of the first verse, even when it wasn't the standard 1-4-5 or other standard progression. It was amazing.  They really are that good musically, as even the baseline level is very high. Lyrics, paying attention, taking turns, not stealing things out of my guitar case - not so much.

They adapt to whatever is the musical style of wherever they live, and pull it a bit to the east. Their origin is NW India a thousand years ago, via Afghanistan and then Turkey/Greece.

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