Saturday, May 15, 2021

Pale Imitation

When the longstanding discussion of why God should allow evil comes up in personal or public discussion, especially terrifying in the face of great evil or tragedy, the theologically correct answer of preserving free will is offered. Yet the version offered is often such a milk-and-water affair, of being able to choose good versus evil in this highly abstract sense. There is also the defensive version (and conservatives may bear some responsibility for this) of not being compelled to do good, as this would be worthless.  We are told that having freedom allows us to have the communion with God we were created for, a nice, bloodless Sunday School phrase.

I think God's version is a lot more exciting. "I give you freedom because I want you to run with the other dogs, the angels and other created beings of the universe engaged in great battles against evil.  I don't want you sitting at home sighing about how lovely everything is in heaven. Yelp! Yelp, I say and give throat to the great adventure you are on!"

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