Saturday, February 27, 2021

Won't You Stay Just A Little Bit Longer

Once someone has seen that an older song can be covered in a different style, others can go on and improve on that.  But the person who saw it first, as in Vanilla Fudge "You Just Keep Me Hangin' On," James Taylor's "Up on the Roof," or Alison Krause's "Baby, Now That I've Found You" (or whoever they got it from who we can't see) deserves enormous credit.  Eric Clapton did it with his own song "Layla," which is extremely unusual.


james said... ?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Given the James Taylor reference in my post, that was excellent.

The Muppets' writers were good at that skill, yes. Good pickup.

Texan99 said...

I couldn't believe it when Clapton reworked Layla--unthinkable! Then I couldn't believe it when I came to prefer the reworked version.

Aggie said...

Is that Jack Temption singing the falsetto there? He used to play with Browne, and in fact I saw them in concert in Maine a very long time ago.

Temption also wrote 'Already gone' which he performed at that concert. The 'artist's' version was considerably different to the Eagles'.

Roy Lofquist said...

Another song - Stay by Angelina Jordan.

Maybe the best female voice ever.