Saturday, February 20, 2021

Coherence Therapy

I had not heard of Coherence Therapy, an internal link in the post on The Precision of Sensory Evidence.  The post talks about other therapies as well, including psychedelics, ketamine, meditation, and somatic therapies such as massage and yoga.  Of the two visual analogies he tried on, I better liked the one he didn't choose, the minima-flattening and desynchronisation model.  To me that captures what is happening in the brain in these therapies of trying to get over boundaries between parts of the brain in general development, development of pathology, meditation, low-dose psychedelics, and the therapies he outlines.  But he went with the separate valleys, narrow passes, and ruling city on the plain analogy, and I could follow that well enough. 

It's another long slog, but it's all good information for what is current in the field.  I will be drawing on his discussion of this for my own observations on meditation, psychedelics, etc as both treatment (Good.) and everyday practice (Meh.)

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