Monday, February 08, 2021

Beer Night

Men's Beer Night, mostly guys from the church, has had to go on Zoom this year, but as it's mostly old guys, we are looking forward to a significant population of people who have received both vaccines and have waited the following two weeks for the immunity to build up. Now I am hearing that distancing is going to be expected anyway.  I assume that this is because someone thinks it is still "too risky," but I don't recall hearing how immunised people are in danger of either giving or receiving a contagious illness.

We wouldn't want the guys to be having Unprotected Beer.


james said...

FWIW, a Bible study I lead used to meet at a local diner. Right now we meet via zoom. When we leave zoom, we'll lose 2 or 3 guys who don't live in town anymore.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Same problem

Texan99 said...

Are you sure is has anything to do with risk? I suspect it's pure Mother-May-I signaling. The people handing out these recommendation aren't even bothering to show their work.

We're about to drive about 70 minutes to get our second dose this morning.