Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Proper Function of Government

I have watched clips, and liked them. I should probably watch a whole episode.


Anonymous said...

Both the Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are wonderful. I have watched the lot and whole episodes do turn up on youtube.

Amazingly The Pirate Bay has won its war with the various organizations trying to shut it down, so the whole thing is there.

A really scary URL :


Its all there.

Anonymous said...

I forgot. If you are watching youtube episodes, its very likely indeed that the various people who post them to youtube, got them from a torrent site, like the one above.

Morality is complicated. ;)

RichardJohnson said...

I wondered why you hadn't ever seen a full episode, but then remembered you haven't had a TV for decades. I stopped TV when about a decade ago you had to add some box to see even ordinary broadcast TV. Had to do with the HDTV transition. The hassle to install the box wasn't worth it when I realized the only TV I watched were football games and Brit comedies on PBS. And the Brit comedies were nearly all 20 year old reruns.

Anonymous said...

My last TV was the last of the CRTs. A really nice HD Sony, I finally gave to a friend.

I fed it with a Dish satellite feed I boosted. Now that was pure fun for a techy, as we decrypted that on the fly. It took them almost 5 years to drop us, and took an entire new Nagra implementation. I had 700 channels laid out on a web interface that was by far the best TV interface I have ever seen. I could search it and set times to record stuff, but there was nothing worth watching. A real technical exercise, with no useful result. ;)