Sunday, November 22, 2020

Lee Harvey Oswald

This has been a soapbox of mine for years.  Bernstein does a good job with it.  The implication that Kennedy was killed by right-wingers has no basis, but is a necessary myth and so is repeated.  But he was in Texas. Don't you know they're all just racist bigots down there? Dallas? And he had a gun. And he used to be in the Marines. And Kennedy was loved by liberals so it must have been conservatives that killed him. The evidence is just piling up here.  What more do you need to know?

The additional note, mentioned a few times here before,is that Ion Mihai Pacepa, former head of the Romanian Securitate and highest-ranking defector from behind the Iron Curtain tells us that the KGB always claimed to insiders that they had set the assassination in motion but then tried to call it back at Khrushchev's insistence, but it was too late. Oswald was out of their reach. Maybe they were just bragging and puffing their chests, but he did at least meet with them, which is unsurprising in a defector to the Soviet Union, as the KGB would have insisted on it.  He was very sympathetic to the Cuban Revolution. Pacepa also thought that flooding the market with conspiracy theories was intentional disinformation to prevent people from seeing the simpler, unacceptable truth. Whether that was intentional of had anything to do with it I haven't a clue, but that is what eventually happened.  People want to talk about everything except the fact that he was a type of leftist revolutionary that was not rare at the time.


james said...

Of course, if the truth were widely admitted, what would we have done in response? That sort of thing sparks wars. Exact tit for tat was impossible, so some kind of proxy attack would be demanded, no matter how risky.

RichardJohnson said...

My take on the JFK assassination of is influenced by John Barron's Solo: The FBI's Man in the Kremlin. As AVI knows, the book recounts the story of Morris Childs, former Communist who at the behest of the FBI acted as the Kremlin's bagman for 27 years, transporting Kremlin gold to Gus Hall and the CPUSA.

Childs was in Moscow on November 22,1963. Childs was fluent in Russian, though the Russians didn't realize this. Childs heard the Soviets talk among themselves: "What shall we tell the American?" Morris heard them say in Russian and then in English: the KGB considered Oswald to be off his rocker, and wanted nothing to do with him.

My take is that Castro, tired of Kennedy sending assassination teams to Cuba, decided to take revenge, and nudged but didn't necessarily directly order Oswald. Influenced...

Of course, we have some evidence of rogue KGB operations such as the Soviet submarine that sank 400 miles from Pearl Harbor in March 1968. Read Red Star Rogue. It apparently was an attempt to nuke Pearl Harbor, but to get it blamed on the Chinese. Such as Russian subs at the time could launch 800 miles from the target, but Chinese subs were limited to 400 miles. There are more details. Brezhnev and the Soviet Navy had no prior knowledge of this.

There is an interesting link between Morris Childs and the rogue submarine. The author of Red Star Rogue suspects the Mikhail Suslov, the ideological gray eminence of the Kremlin and one of the movers in installing Brezhnev in 1964, was behind the rogue submarine. Morris Childs attended the Lenin school in Moscow in the early 1930s where he made the acquaintance of Mikhail Suslov, one of his instructors. When Suslov lost his ration card for several weeks, Childs smuggled food into Suslov, thus forming a lifelong bond between the 2. Childs saw Suslov during his visits to Moscow.

So, I do consider it possible that a KGB rogue operation got involved with Kennedy- as a rogue operation tried to nuke Pearl Harbor- though I consider it not likely.

PenGun said...

The obvious works just fine. The CIA whacked him and LBJ was in on it.

The deep state has been around for a long time. He opposed their most cherished purposes, and had to go.

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