Sunday, January 05, 2020

Sober Interview

I suspect Vox wanted an interview with someone who would tell us how terrible Trump is.  They selected someone from the Brookings Institution, which is generally liberal.  However, Brookings has a long history of being who they are and not bending with the winds of liberal fashion. (And Vox, even though it is even more liberal, has been willing to stick it in the eye of the liberal establishment from time-to-time.)  Brookings was quite critical of Obama during his reign. I have not kept up on any changes in the last two years, and I don't keep my ear to the ground on such things. I don't know who they are now.

But this interview seems almost even-handed about Trump's actions. One can sense Suzanne Maloney's non-conservative nature, but she seems to be trying hard to look at events as they are and finding the center.  She says Trump may be wrong, but she has some sense of what he's trying to do.  She may be wrong, but I have some sense of what she is trying to do. More people evaluating, analyzing, and debating like this would be a great improvement.

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Christopher B said...

Powerline linked a Public Radio International interview with Gen David Petraus on the Soleimani strike that was also very evenhanded.