Monday, January 13, 2020

Controlled Drones

Oh, great.

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Unknown said...

Latest report from a local broadcaster now that they've had a heat-detecting aircraft flying to investigate sightings:
- Of 23 drone reports between Jan. 6 and Monday, a period that involved flights of the heat-detecting plane working in conjunction with investigators on the ground, officials determined 13 were smaller hobbyist drones, stars or planets and six were attributable to known commercial aircraft or atmospheric conditions.
- Four confirmed sightings of the 23 were unidentified.

I'm betting with 3 recent launches of SpaceX "Starlink" satallite swarms for an upcoming internet subscription service, launched to a low altitude where they will be the brightest thing in the sky after dark until they reach their designated orbit (and maybe even then) that what people are seeing is Musk's middle finger towards terrestrial astronomers.