Wednesday, April 03, 2019


I have mentioned before that much of what gets described as racism, sexism, etc is "merely" sociopathy.  People who want to hurt you may not hate your race, your sex, your religion, or your origin any more than the next guy. They just want to hurt you. They grab whatever stick is at hand. One sees this in street attitudes all the time.  This week we saw it in UFC woofing Conor MacGregor, and then returned by his opponent. The league official who called this "unacceptable" is laughing into his sleeve as he says it.  They love this.

On a psych unit or in prison, there are lots of people who don't have good frontal-lobe control over what they say.  The book and movie myth of calculating, patient criminals is great theater, but bad reality.  "There ain't enough fence to keep the sheep in" with these people, and it just pours out. Next week they will happily be allies with another from the same group, if they are ganging up on some other victim.


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