Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Church Coffee

I do better than this when it's my turn, but I tend to be minimalist for a specific reason.  If you start putting out good snacks, then it suddenly becomes a competition (especially among women of my generation), and people are intimidated from volunteering to do coffee this week.

I did fat grapes for the children until I realised we are not well-places to do choking hazards.  I did cheap donuts, Nillas, or sugar wafers but got tired of the sugar-grumblings from the young mothers who still believe the myth that it causes their kids to be hyper.  So now I do Goldfish, and cheese and crackers.

Swedes care about coffee, but we aren't as Swedish in the Covenant as we used to be.


Sam L. said...

The BEE strikes again.

james said...

Another problem with the "good stuff" is that the latecomers tend to get crumbs. I suppose that builds character. Or teaches you not to be too late or too courteous. (2'nd grade snacks were 2 saltine squares and a fluid oz of apple juice--which was more tantalizing than refreshing.)