Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Hobbits in Kentucky

Reading my stats, it showed up again.  The post on Hobbit names in a narrow section of Kentucky seems to attract a small but steady googling year after year.  I get amused every time by re-reading that one of my sons knew one of these people, a Butterbaugh, pronounced BOOderbaw, thank you very much.

I do have notes from the Tolkien exhibit in New York, but haven't put them into a post yet.  I will.  There was nothing stunning that demanded immediate report.  There  were some things Tolkien fans would find interesting. There was a great deal of focus on Tolkien's own artwork and seeing it closely. I changed my mind about some things I hadn't previously liked.

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james said...

I see something similar, albeit on a smaller scale. Of the top 5 most-read, 3 were linked and got a quick burst once upon a time, but 2 were just steady "favorites" ; one on benevolent sexism and one on judges and tradeoffs. I remember putting a lot more polish and research into other posts that swiftly and silently vanished away. Right now a 10-year-old review of Acedia and Me is getting as many checks as anything I wrote recently.