Thursday, April 19, 2018

Not Eating Their Own

Conservative outlets are highlighting all the blue on blue arguments and SJW's who are condemning older leftists. The thought seems to be that this bodes well for their political opponents of all stripes.

Let me go on record saying Ich glaube das nicht. They have levels of disapproval, and even hatred.  Historically, it hasn't played that way.  Maybe this time it will, but I wouldn't count on it. I often sense that a lot of the screaming at other liberals is mostly for show, or angling for power within the ruling tribe.

Update: James's comment prompts a continuation.  Yes, red on red is very common, and I think much more so. There is a difference in that the people of the right are more likely to follow through, either staying home or voting third party. Call it principled, purist, stubborn, uncooperative, or whatever you please.  That may be why the conservative outlets I mentioned above find blue on blue so significant.  They may be projecting. Hell, if I were that angry I'd never vote for that SOB again. So they assume liberals think the same way.


james said...

And red on red isn't common too? Cain and Abel were the same tribe.

Sam L. said...

Depends on whom they hate more, I'm guessing.

Jonathan said...

Schadenfreude appeals in large part because it distracts us from the possibility that them aren't very different from us.