Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Small sample size - though I was in LAX, Anchorage, and Sea-Tac for hours each - but I saw much more politically and socially aggressive clothing in Seattle than elsewhere.  Hats, T-shirts, and sweatshirts usually fall into benign categories: pro teams/colleges/geographic, or bars/ads, or brands.  Seattle was more in-your-face, with bumper-sticker style one-sentence politicising. Environmentalist, feminist, racial and native, and immigration.  I don't think many were for anything, they were against things, most especially people. Not what I would choose for travel, where one might quickly offend a seatmate or someone in line with you, but I suppose the joy of being a billboard for a captive audience in the larger airport compensates.


RichardJohnson said...

Not what I would choose for travel, where one might quickly offend a seatmate or someone in line with you..

Which indicates that the SJW's mindset is not the same as yours- or mine. I would suspect that not wanting to offend a seatmate is farthest from a SJW's mind. If someone is "offended" by a SJW's T-shirt, that would indicate to the SJW that the "offended" person is an eevul ignoramus who needs to be shown the error of his ways.
OTOH, the SJW would not hesitate to protest upon seeing a T-Shirt that "offended" him. For the SJW, this is not a two-way street. (Recall what City Council-critter
Kellye Burke of West University in the Houston area did upon seeing a MAGA T-shirt on a teenage girl. "But what do you expect from an Aggie," would be a T-sipper's response.)

I am a board member in my HOA. One reason I do not put political bumper stickers on my car is that I do not want my politics to be an issue in the HOA. Not that I hide my politics- over the years I have had extended political discussions with a Yellow Dog Democrat fellow homeowner.

At one time I did have a "Bob Wills is still the King" bumper sticker on my vehicle. While that might have offended Elvis fans, their kingdoms were different: Western Swing versus Rock n' Roll.

I have a Che T-shirt to which I have added some snarky comments. As the snark uses Argentine slang and grammar, most probably do not understand it. In over a decade of wearing, one person has indicated to me he got it, by telling me "Hasta la victoria siempre," one of the Castroite slogans.

Donna B. said...

Are they flaunting or flouting? Trying for both at the same time?