Monday, April 02, 2018

Fine Arts

During Iditarod Week there were special events all over town. I went up to the Fine Arts exhibit. There were unidentifiable snow sculptures outside.  One may have been a Sacred Heart, which red dye poured into the snow.  I only guessed that because the event was at Old Saint Joseph's church.

"Art" anywhere in Nome - and indeed most of what I saw in Alaskan airports and all brochures - means Native crafts, or sometimes Native artists interpreting their heritage in modern ways. I was hoping that Fine Arts would include something more, but it didn't.  It is a town of less than 4,000, also drawing on the smaller communities of the region, so it is unfair of me to expect more.  Though I do think Pittsfield, NH, a community of 4,000 not noted for its cultural endeavors, could have put up a better show.

There was one thing different - there was a gun raffle at the entrance.

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